What Is Wine Collection Insurance & Why Do I Need it?


What is Wine Collection Insurance & Why Do I Need it? You come home from a vacation to find your climate-controlled wine cellar has malfunctioned. Wine bottles are uncorked from the extreme heat and fine wine is spilling all over the floor. Or you may come home to find your house has been vandalized or ransacked. Hopefully you have insurance … Read More

Manufacturing Insurance: Technology Helps Grow Manufacturer Industry


The U.S. manufacturing market saw a more bullish upturn in the first quarter of 2012. According to the latest Manufacturing Barometer survey released by PwC, some 68% of the manufacturers said the U.S. economy was growing up 40 points from the fourth quarter of 2011. Industry Week gave a summary of the results: Despite the fact that many manufacturers faced … Read More

Restaurant Business: Decorating Mistakes to Avoid


As a restaurant owner, you want to create a unique, optimal dining experience for your customer that extends from the food to the atmosphere. It is the first impression a customer gets when they arrive and it can make or break their first impression. Here are tips to create the exact ambiance you want in your restaurant, and avoid traditional … Read More

Technology: Best Gadgets for Business Trips


Travel is a part of your business. From meetings to conferences and tradeshows, regardless of the industry, thousands of business owner travel all over the world each year. Packing for business trips should be streamlined, efficient, and seamless. When it comes to technology on the road it is easy to get caught up in lugging multiple gadgets around. The New … Read More

Crane Accident Raises Safety Concerns in Construction Industry


The collapse of a crane in New York City last week that killed one and injured four has raised a debate on safety requirements. The crane broke apart when handling rebar at a site where the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is building an extension of the No. 7 subway line beyond Times Square. The accident is the city’s third fatal crane … Read More

Keeping You Informed


Welcome to Sinclair’s blog!   We will be using our blog to keep you updated on relevant insurance issues that affect you personally and your business. We will also be providing you with ways in which to help you curb losses and advance safety at your company. And from time to time, we’ll share fun, interesting facts with you. We … Read More