As Your Human Resources Partner, We Have You Covered

Shannon HudspethEmployee Benefits, Health Insurance, Human Resources

your human resources partner

The term “human resources” is a loaded one, encompassing everything from hiring to handbooks to health plans. It’s a lot to manage, especially for those businesses that lack the luxury of a huge department complete with HR specialists to take care of these tasks—in other words, most businesses. That’s why so many of our insurance clients have made Sinclair their trusted human resources partner.

As anyone who knows us knows, we take pride in our commitment to delivering “more than insurance.” We are here not only to help you properly and affordably protect your business, but also to dramatically reduce the stress and complexity of overseeing the needs of a diverse workforce.

Education Is Key

Our specialists bring in-depth knowledge in the realm of human resources, and one of our primary goals is to impart that to you. Designed to enhance your understanding and keep you current, our employer education materials include:

  • Monthly newsletters, offering information on HR trends, best practices and more
  • HR Q&A
  • Legislative updates, including timely breakdowns of changes to HIPAA, ERISA, COBRA, FMLA and many more employment-related laws
  • Operational checklists and timelines
  • Benchmark information
  • Employee education materials
  • HR Toolkit – Interviewing, offering expert advice on the entire recruitment process

We provide and update our resources regularly, so you’ll always have the latest and most complete information available.

Hands-On Help

As valuable and comprehensive as they are, there’s more to an effective human resources partnership than tangible materials. We begin by getting to know you and your business, taking the time to understand your team, culture and processes. This enables us to plan and provide customized services, such as assistance with:

  • Policies and procedures, including the development of an employee handbook
  • Medical plan administration
  • Production of benefit statements
  • Payroll systems
  • Employee trainings
  • Employee wellness programs
  • HR audits
  • Compliance and more

We will work with you directly and onsite as needed, establishing a system of ongoing support in each area.

Your workforce drives your business, and effective HR management is critical to keeping them both going strong. Contact us today to learn how we can help.