Your Business Resolution — Time For a Fresh Approach

Matt BauerBusiness Insurance

For many, January is the perfect time for a new start. Resolutions to go on a diet, exercise more, pay off debt, get a new job, and otherwise improve our lifestyles are as popular as ever. But, there’s another area where a fresh start can make a big difference — Your business. The fact is, you’re probably so involved in … Read More

Keeping Up With the Evolving Workplace

Matt BauerEmployee Benefits, Health Insurance, Human Resources

With the age of Millennials gaining a stronghold in the workforce comes the dawn of the modern workplace. Times are changing surrounding how we hire and train, what we do to retain employees, and the dynamics within the office environment itself. Employees are seeing companies through different lenses these days, and employers have to rethink their employee strategies in order … Read More

In 2016 OSHA fines may be going up, way up

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Manufacturing, Risk Management

Buried in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 is a provision that would bring a startling increase to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) fines. Unchanged since 1990 and not indexed to inflation, OSHA fines are set to jump nearly 80% next year, with increases indexed to inflation after 2016. The Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990 tied … Read More

Are you prepared for an OSHA ‘pop-in’?

Dave SinclairBusiness Insurance, Risk Management, Workers Compensation

*ring ring ring* You’re not expecting anyone, but someone’s at the door…it’s your Aunt Elaine, famously resistant to getting a cell phone, who was in the neighborhood and thought she’d take a chance you might be home and drop by. Aunt Elaine may be great, but let’s face it, nobody loves a pop-in. While we tolerate the occasional boundary-crossing friend … Read More

What are Middlesex County Surety Bonds?

EditorBusiness Insurance, Risk Management

What are Middlesex County Surety Bonds?  Surety Bonds are important tools used in many industry sectors to mitigate risk and ensure that contractual obligations are fulfilled. While many professionals understand the value and necessity of this form of financial protection, few understand what a surety bond truly is and how the process works. One of the most important things to … Read More

Wallingford Financial Management: Withstanding Economic Instability

EditorRisk Management

Wallingford Financial Management: Withstanding Economic Instability  Over 10.5 million unemployed Americans are still searching for work as we move forward into this recession recovery period. The last few years have seen a significant regeneration of employment opportunities over all. However, a recent report released by the National Employment Law Project indicates that the quality of new job growth may neither … Read More