Franchise owners: 5 secrets to managing your Workers’ Compensation rates

Matt BauerBusiness Insurance, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, Workers Compensation

Nothing is worse than having an employee injured on the job. As a franchise owner you know injuries can happen. But when one occurs you’re left doing a balancing act, caught between assuring your employee gets the best care while trying to keep your workers’ compensation costs from spiraling out of control. The stress can be overwhelming. Here are 5 … Read More

Wellness programs: So much more than losing weight

Dave SinclairBusiness Insurance, Employee Benefits, Health Insurance, Risk Management

More and more companies are instituting wellness programs in the workplace, and it’s no surprise, given that 92% of owners say they are effective, with real, measurable ROI. Wellness programs are about more than just passively encouraging employees to exercise and watch what they eat (though research shows that is a very positive objective)! A robust, well-rounded  wellness program provides … Read More

How to Implement a Successful Connecticut Employee Wellness Program

EditorEmployee Benefits

How to Implement a Successful Employee Wellness Program  Some businesses may eliminate their employee wellness program or avoid starting one all-together to control their finances, without realizing that poor health among employees causes work absence, which can cost two to three times greater than the direct medical expenses for companies. Integrating a wellness program into your employee benefits will be … Read More

Connecticut Business Insurance: Wellness Programs Cut Costs

EditorBusiness Insurance, Workers Compensation

Connecticut Business Insurance: Wellness Programs Cut Costs Wellness programs are Connecticut business antidotes to increased workers compensation rates, and higher healthcare costs. As Connecticut business owners prepare to absorb even higher healthcare costs with the Affordable Care Act, companies are looking for ways to offset costs elsewhere. One of those strategies is implementing wellness programs. A recent survey conducted by … Read More

Stay Home When Sick: Flu Epidemic


Stay Home When Sick: Flu Epidemic Flu season is out in full force It’s hit unprecedented levels in almost every state across the country. Now, more than ever, it is time to hammer in a simple truth that business owners should pass on to their employees. If you’re sick, stay home. There are many honorable reasons why your employees come into … Read More

Employee Benefits: The Value of Flexible Benefits Plans

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Employee Benefits: The Value of Flexible Benefits Plans New concerns have made significant changes in our approach to healthcare & flexible employee benefits According to a survey by a major national consultancy, 62% of employers currently offer flexible benefits packages and a further 21% plan to do so in the future. Flexibility in options can be a great draw to … Read More